Modipow stands for 'Modular & Powerful' design. The name is also created to be a visual palindrome. So if you rotate it 180 degrees arond the centre, you still read Modipow.

Modipow is the design label of products designed by Ruud Groeneveld. His studio is based in the port city Rotterdam (The Netherlands). 

Ruud graduated in 1999 as Industrial Designer at the Delft Univerity of Technology. Right after his graduation he founded together with Laurence Venne (graduated aerospace engineer) and Baja Innovation, Product Design Studio DUNC ( A company specialized in designing, engineering and producing professional electronic enclosures or products. With offices in Oegstgeest (The Netherlands) and Shenzhen (China). They serve international clients like: Philips, Honeywell, Opticon, Bose, Taber and The New Motion. 

At Dunc, Ruud is the creative director and is responsible for the concept design of all products. Besides the advanced technical design and engineering, he still has the urge to design his own products and has created a Moleskine sketchbook full of ideas over the past years.

As a child Ruud was fascinated by mathematical drawings and shapes. Later on his passion for smart design, modularity, construction, UX combined with his experience in production processes completed his style. These elements will be integrated in the products of Modipow.

Modipow is not just a gallery or webshop. It also wants to give more insight in the story, the thoughts, the struggles and the process of designing and producing the product (like a 'behind the scenes' of creating the product)

At this moment the site is under construction, but when it is ready, it will hopefully give you (product design lover or designer) some inspiration.

For contact, please send a mail to:

Port City Rotterdam

 - 'The Rotterdam' building by OMA (Rem Koolhaas)

- Erasmus Bridge by UNSTUDIO (Ben van Berkel)