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“ Imagine a spaceship in 2173 drifting through the galaxy.

What kind of products, furniture and interior design style will be used on this spaceship?

Modipow wants to create a glimpse into this future. ”

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Key winder pencil sharpener

Elegant pencil sharpener with extra momentum. By blending the key winder with a pencil sharpener and merge the cutting blade into the metal, a monolithic, esthetic and functional product will appear.


Blended laser cut plate

This 5mm thick anodized aluminium plate with powdercoating is cut out of a single plate. The residu material will be used for an Ottoman (nder construction).

At the moment the design is under construction to make it ore comfortable without using a cussion. By keeping it pure, the metal needs to create the comfort.

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Triangular Salon table

Confusingly minimized metal tube construction to carry the glass plate

Multible Triads create a bigger salone table, the tube construction will be so undefined that it will create a specific design from any angle.

By making the top surface translucent the construction is even more visible

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Indirect lighting suspension lamp

The shape of the Orbit is designed for optimal lighting of a rectangular dining Table. It also creates a indirect radial lighting to illuminate the surroundings in soft warm lighting to create a most pleasant atmosphere.


Interconnectable Fruit bowl

The shape of the Labs is created so multiple bowls can be fit into different configurations. By combining different materials you can create your personal setting and style. The inner section is not realy needed to hold medium sized fruits so, by removing the inner part the product gets its own identity and create some extra depth.

The name Laps is based on the race track like top plane.


Modular candle holders

Copper candle holder with a gun metal galvanized top layer. Because of the 120° angles, the holders can be configured as one candle.


Presentation shelves

Minimal spatial presentation shelf system with coloured glass. Designed for exposition and presentation purposes. (minimal transport volume & easy to assemble).


Modular wine rack.

Connectable copper element to create an infinite custom shaped wine rack.


Gardern Table

Hexagon aluminium garden table. The shape is based on as cut Sapphire. Due to the open structure, the colour difference of the inside creates an extra dimension.

The hole in the middle can be used for an umbrella or flower pot.